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Who We Are

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Our Story

Barrelhouse was formed in October of 2007......  Since then they have been playing locations throughout the Delmarva region. They have worked hard to build a large following that "Digs" their particular brand of blues. Club & Festival goers alike, agree, that their music is high energy and up in your grille. The boys have opened for numerous well known national blues acts such as, Victor Wainwright, John Primer, Bob Margolin, Ray Fuller, Moreland & Arbuckle, Albert Castiglia, The Night Hawks, and others.... You can find Barrelhouse more and more in the lineup of festivals and major blues locations in the region.....

Tom Nowland

Guitar & Vocals........ Tom was basically born with a 6 string in his hands. Playing guitar from a very early age, he played in various bands around his home town of Delaware City, Delaware. Tom's influences are the likes of Jeff Beck, John Petrucci, Robin Trower, and Steve Vai. As Tom developed his love for the blues, he immersed himself in the search for his own style and sound. His passion for playing has taken him on the path to his signature sound of today. Tom has a terrific ability to interpret a song and develop a lead that is spot on. Tom Nowland is easily one of the more influential guitarists in the area, displaying a style that is often complimented by his accomplished peers.

John Whiteley III

   Drums & Percussion.......  John was brought up in a music loving household. John started to play drums at the age of 5. Crediting his father John Whiteley jr as his first influence and teacher. "My dad showed me what good music was from an early age." I am lucky to have had that connection with my dad. John gained performance experience early on by his involvement in the Upper Darby School district music program playing in every musical situation he could where he won awards. Versatility is one of John's strong points. John can play anything that he is called to play with passion for every note. John's influences range from Jazz to Heavy Metal. Here are some of his favorites/influences in the drum world. (in no particular order) Billy Ward, John Bonham, Neil Peart, Matt Chamberlian, Stanton Moore, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, & Shawn Pelton.  He has played and or recorded with the following musical projects. Feedback, Trio Del Soul, Ramblin', Superfly, Donnie Allen, Go van Gogh,The Grand Connection, Natural Flavor, Delaware's Best of Broadway, John Alberti Orchestra, the John Hoey Orchestra, Hurdi Gurdi, Diva's of One Love, Chance, The McCords, Octavia and the Earth Blood Blues Band, Dave Marshall and the Mojo Band, AJ Slick, Shattered, The Writ, Dave Patten, The Billy Penn Project, Good Foot, Rose Hudson, Paul Colombo, The Johnny Mac band, Harry Leslie, The Philadelphia Mojo Kings, The Billy Pierce Band, Alex and Shiloh, Rory Sullivan and resident session drummer for studio 1311 in Woodlyn Pa . 

Ric Nelson

Ric Nelson has played bass for nearly half a century, with his first professional gig at age 16 opening up for his dad’s band in central Pennsylvania. Playing genres spanning rock, funk, country, jazz and blues, the past ten years have seen him perform with Octavia Blues Band, Vinyl Groov, Rockfish and Movin’ and Groovin’ as well as the pit orchestra at Allenberry Playhouse and the Shippensburg University Community Orchestra. Drawing inspiration from James Jameson, Barry Oakley and Jaco Pastorious, Ric plays both electric and double bass. A PA native, Ric made the move to the Delaware beaches five years ago and has gigged up and down Delmarva.


Charlie Rickner

  Harps & Vocals......... A native of Philadelphia, Charlie has called Delaware his home since 1969. Raw primitive harp licks are becoming Charlie's trademark. His influences were early masters such as, Sony Boy Williamson, Lee Oskar, and Paul Butterfield. Modern day players that grab Charlie's musical soul, are Dustin Arbuckle, and Harrisburg area's Nate Myers. His vocals are sometimes gritty, sometimes almost mellow, but always from the heart. After one of the blues festivals which Barrelhouse played, a festival goer told Charlie that his voice was a cross between Tab Benoit and Molly Hatchet.... As a founding member of Barrelhouse, Choo Choo works hard to find music that fits the direction of the band's personality. Coming into the music scene late in life, Charlie treats playing music, as a precious gift, given to him to make people happy.